Free tools and tutorials to start digging in Data Journalism

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If you have decided to start doing Data Journalism, here is an array of ideas, tools and resources useful for helping you to succeed. Recently, I had the opportunity to share them with the students of the Faculty of Communication in Ankara University, Turkey, and hope this tool box can help you, and motivate you, to improve the quality of the journalism you are practicing.


Using Excel to do precision journalism (tutorial and data examples to download)

How to use simple Excel functions for data analysis

Journalism in the age of data (Video report, Stanford University)

Excel (videos and tutorials)

Data Journalism or Computer Assisted Reporting

Statistics for Journalists

Statistics and how to interpret them (Video)

SQL (Programming language designed for managing data)

R (Statistical software)

Berkeley School of Journalism (maps, interactive animation, audio edition)

 US Hurricanes Database Silk

Visualization tools

Tableau Public

Data wrapper



Fusion tables

Many Eyes

High charts



Data Exploration with OpenRefine Public Affairs Data Journalism at Stanford University

Cleaning data and analysis (Scrapping/data extraction)

Open Refine (Cleaning data; transforming it from one format into another)

Open Refine tutorial

Tabula (liberating data tables locked inside PDF files)

Data Wrangler (Cleaning data)

Document cloud (Analysis)


Books and manuals

Understanding data, from Data Journalism Handbook

Best Data Journalism Practices and First Efforts (Video)

Verification handbook

Best practices in examining the data

The New Precision Journalism by Philip Meyer.

Post series about Ethics in data journalism by :

 Recommended books:

Numbers in the Newsroom: Using Math and Statistics in News by Sarah Cohen.

A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper by John Allen Paulos

Doing Data Science: Straight Talk from the Frontline by Cathy O’Neil, Rachel Schutt

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