Data Journalism Commandments

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There are golden rules to be followed when you are doing Data Journalism. My list consist of ten commandments that always coming up in my head and also I like to share with people interested in improving the quality of journalism.

Which other rules would you add?


mandamientos del periodismo de datos

Data Journalism Commandments

  1. You shall love your data with healthy skepticism.
  1. You shall not take the seriousness of your analysis in vain.
  1. You shall worship in-depth analysis of the data but not disregarding the way you are telling the story.
  1. You shall understand the data as a means to an end, rather than as an end in itself.
  1. Honor the public interest based on data analysis.
  1. You shall not embrace a hypothesis; if you insist, you will force your data to say what they do not say.
  1. You shall not commit the mistake of avoid reporting. The data are not sacred. Between the data base and the story there always has to be Journalism.
  1. You shall not work alone.
  1. You shall not depend on any software but on your good nose, critical thinking, statistics skills and analysis techniques
  1. You shall not stop learning.
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