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Unpaid domestic work consumes twice as much time for women than men

Regardless of whether women have a job outside home, they dedicate 37 hours a week to these tasks versus 16 for men. Married and rural women have more strenuous hours. Unpaid work at home includes cooking, cleaning, washing, caring for children, the elderly, and the sick. Activities without which the country’s economy would not function.

How much lower is your salary because you are a woman?

In Latin America and the Caribbean, the value of a salary is determined not only by its monetary worth but also by the gender of the recipient. On average, for every $100 earned by a man, women earn $40 less. This statistic, more than just a number, reflects a disparity that transcends borders, impacting the economy and the independence of women throughout the region.
Are you curious about the magnitude of this gap in your country and how it compares to neighboring countries? La Data Cuenta invites you to explore our interactive platform and read our report to understand the patriarchal complexities underlying these numbers

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