Eleven free online tools to visualize data

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Do you need to create charts, infographics, or a data story? Need a tool to succeed in that task? In this list below you find my personal list of eleven online and free tools to achieve your goal.

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A web app for data viz and storytelling. Quite versatile to create static, interactive, and animated graphics and stories.


Is a visual analytics platform. Its public version allows to design interactive charts, data visualizations, dashboards and stories.

Data Wrapper:

Datawrapper is an online visualization tool for creating charts, maps, and tables. You can embed the code into your website or download your creations in PNG, JPG or SVG.


An online tool that allows you to design and create infographics. You can upload xls, CSV, JSON files. Also uses Google spreadsheets, Dropbox and One Drive files. It is useful for analyzing Google analytics, too. Allows you to create thirty types of charts.

Datasketch apps:

A series of tools to create a variety of interactive and static graphics. It allows downloading them in different editable formats, GIFs and HTML.

Chart Blocks :

It is a graphics generator. You can embed the chart´s code in your website or download it in different editable formats.


It is a web tool for data analysis and visualization. It focuses on basic graphics, but also has scientific, statistical and financial charts. It is responsive. You can generate an iframe code to embed on your website.

Chart builder:

Online graphics generator to export them in editable formats.

Raw density:

Useful for producing editable data visualizations in PNG, JPG or SVG format


Online data visualization service. It has more than 100 options for graphics and other information display elements.

Juice box:

It is a platform for creating graphs, dashboard and data storytelling.

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